By Michal

Few weeks ago I saw this short video on a social media emphasizing on a fact that the way you see the world depends on the place where you seat. It seemed to me that I perfectly understand and feel what it is about.

In that moment I was this guy “on the way to” a happiness/family/any other symbol of success and wellbeing. In that moment I had no idea how a small incident, blink of an eye, could make this way very difficult and complicated.

It was a white day, huge amount of snow on the slopes. Snowing in upper parts and a bit of fog – but hey – nothing can stop you once you are on holidays in Swiss Alps with your love and best friends. While they took a break I decided it is not enough and I gotta practice my snowboarding skills on one of these wicked snowparks one more time. First I kept on sliding down looking at the obstacles but then at the end of it I stopped coz I saw one barrier that I used to do multiple times. I looked at it and decided to give it a try. It was just five to ten meters away from my board but it happened to be enough to gain too much speed at the rindge. As the result my board escaped upwards and I lost control and orientation few meters above the ground flying forward. After about two-three seconds I hit the ground, touching it between my neck and upper back. The impact was so strong that right away I have felt my body getting paralyzed from chest all the way down to my feet. The only thing I could do at the moment was waving my hands and shouting for help. Fortunately I was noticed by one snowboarder who helped me get the rescue team. Then there was way down the slope and straight to the hospital

Some time after I was already given anaesthesia and then got cut… Doctors said that the surgery was successful. Into my neck I was given: metal plate, six screws and two extra bones cut from my pelvis.

All that followed by an information that my spinal cord got destroyed and I will never be able to walk again. Quite some news for a guy who used to train sports, especially volleyball and beach volleyball, almost everyday for half of his life. Dessert? Tricky insurance might not cover the cost of rehabilitation and back-to-life process.

That’s true my life turned upside down – I was planning to start my own business, set up a family and enjoy my favorite sports for the rest of my life and now I’m stuck on a hospital bed with limited vital functions and long way to recover.

But there is something else.. The accident could paralyze my legs, my stomach, my back, but it didn’t change my mind. Mind of a fighter, an achiever and a guy full of positive energy. What is more, there is number of close to me people who are ready to help me in this journey. Friends and family I could always count on, especially my love Agata and my sister Iza. With all this I have enough motivation, courage and believe never to give up and come back to a normal life.

It’s like a perfect ace serve in Beach Volleyball. The opponents look at the floating ball and they are sure that it is going out of the playground so they don’t even react. But the ball is hit so precisely that by the end of the court it changes its flight parabola and lands inside. Many people even doctors could think I’m out. At the moment it looks like I am out. But with precision of hard work and passion I believe that I will change my parabola and I’ll land back in the playground, as the ace serve.


Details and explanation by Agata

My name is Agata, I am currently in Laax, Switzerland together with my love Michal. It was going to be the best holiday ever; you know with snow, friends, snowboarding, the best slopes in the Swiss Alps and most importantly him :) A nice getaway from my busy stewardess roster. Our first day out was amazing! It was sunny and white; the best weather condition for anyone who is into winter sports like us. Our experience from the first day lead us to expect only more adventure and fun from the next day. I was working hard on my skills this time around as it was only my fourth day on the snowboard ever.

However, the next day, the weather conditions were not what we expected. It was no more white, instead it was foggy because of the snowfall that was reported up on the mountains. I did not let the weather deter me, I gave it my all at my training lessons during the day in order to be in the best shape possible to match up to Michal’s skills. All we wanted to do was to ride the SNB together soon.

I got back to the hotel room around 5 PM but Michal was nowhere to be seen as he had still not returned from his day out on the slopes. I started worrying about him because as per my knowledge, the ski lifts were only opened until 4:30 PM. It was getting dark and my mind was racing in million different directions imagining what could have happened to Michal. zero zalamkiThen around 7 PM, I received a call from a hospital in Chur. I had no idea where the hospital was located but somehow with the help of our tour representative, I went to the hospital with my friends who had accompanied us on this trip. By then I had an idea that my worst nightmare had come true and that Michal had had an accident and he was in need of an immediate operation of his spine.

I couldn’t control my thoughts, constantly thinking what, why, where, when and how did this all happen?! Finally after 2 hours, I got the hold of the whole story. Michal had landed awkwardly on his back on March 8, 2016 whilst riding the snowboard. He was taken off the mountain and immediately transported to the nearest hospital to have an emergency surgery on his back. He is currently resting at a hospital in Chur city (near Zurich). Tragically, he has lost his ability to feel from the waist down; fortunately, he has retained his ability to use his arms.IMG_7378

The day after the operation, Michal was taken into getting his CT scan and MRI which confirmed that the neurons in his spinal cord at the 7th cervical vertebra are completely damaged. The doctors opinion suggests that Michal unfortunately will never be able to walk again. This was an absolute shock and horrifying news for both of us!

I am still located in Laax at the ski resort and will be here for another 5 days. Luckily, I can visit him everyday thanks to our friends Pawel and Paulina who drive to and from Laax. However, both Paulina and Pawel have to leave the Swiss Alps and get back to their normal working life, hence they will not be able to drive me to see Michal. Nevertheless, I have to be strong for Michal’s sake and not leave his side. I cannot explain how scared I am here all by myself and how much I hate the fact that Michal will have to put on his training wheels and learn everything from scratch. Moreover, I dread the fact that he will have to say goodbye (hopefully, not for long) to his biggest passion; sports, beach volleyball in particular.

The problem we face now is the insurance; we all know how expensive Switzerland is and we have run out of the benefit limit. Michal needs immediate professional physio care & rehabilitation, which will most probably be in Poland as the costs for the same is insane in Switzerland and Dubai.

Every morning for me is the same; grey, insecure, cold, and traumatic. I cannot believe that this has happened to my beloved boy, the best one, the one I’ve always dreamt about. Every day, I wake up with a dream to make him happy, but his injuries make it extremely difficult to fulfil this dream. I know that Michal is strong and his strength gives me the power to be the same. Power of two!a Now I will strive to become his legs, his back, his support and his everything. I hope for the best and believe that with time, he will go back to being just as happy as he has always been.

Every day when I look into his eyes, I do not see anything grey, insecure, cold or traumatic; instead all I see is the light of hope, the light of faith, the light of love that we will bring together to get him UP. Like he did all this time with me :)

Remember to be grateful for what you have. Every day I am extremely grateful to have him in my life.


By Darren Timms

I could start by telling you all the wonderful and kind traits Michal carries, but it would take far too long. I could then tell you how much he does for others but that would take even longer, for Michal is a rare human being. In a world full of takers, Michal is a giver.

When I say give, I am not talking about material possessions, or monetary contributions, I am talking about something far more valuable. His time. His attention. His care. His love. And he does it without asking anything in return. Well, now Michal needs our help. It’s time now for the world to give back to Michal in his hour of need.

Sadly, in a cruel twist of fate, Michal recently met with an horrific snowboarding accident in Switzerland which has left him paralysed from the chest down, with a severed spinal cord that requires extensive rehabilitation to give him any chance to live a life he was created for.

Unfortunately, insurance companies being as they are have washed their hands and refused to accept liability for any of this, which is of course what insurance companies do best… This has left Mika overseas in intensive care, in need of extensive rehabilitation that is going to cost a lot of money which sadly he does not have.

This is where Humanity gets to showcase its loving and reciprocal nature and to take care of one its real heroes.

Mika lives life with a real zest and vigor. A keen sportsman, especially beach volleyball, which is his true passion. If you want to find Mika, just head to kite beach in Dubai on any given weekend, or week day evening and there you will find him sharing his passion for the sport, but above that, his passion for life…

When not playing volleyball, he is rehearsing somewhere, improving his acting skills and recently starred in a short production in Dubai which I highly recommend and can be seen here:

And here is Michal doing what he does best, inspiring through creation:

This planet needs the dreamers, the poets and writers. The go-getters and story tellers. The travelers who embrace all human beings as one family, without any kind of distinction in search of that most elusive of emotions, Peace! Michal is all of these things.

The visionaries who see past the current state of Humanities condition and see a bright and prosperous future for us all. Most are just content to read about it, not Mika. He rolls his sleeves up, and empowers others to become the greatest version of self possible, both young and old…

Make no mistake, the World needs people like Michal, now more than ever. We owe it to him and ourselves to make sure he has the best chance of continuing his work, sooner rather than later.

Please do the necessary and help him get the treatment he needs.